Crochet Jargon


Afghan Stitch: method of crochet using a special afghan hook where stitches are placed on the
hook then worked off

Aran Crochet: a pattern with raised stitches, working around posts rather than into stitches


Back-Cross Stitch: two stitches that cross over one another

Bobble: joined at the bottom and the top and worked into the same stitch

Butterfly Stitch: several rows worked with dobule chain and chain loops


Chain Stitch: A stitch that is crocheted in which loops are connected like the links of a chain

Chevron: a ripple

Crochet: A handicraft in which yarn is looped into a patterned fabric with a hooked needle


Double Stitch: The double crochet is about twice the height of a single crochet


Half-Double Stitch:


Infinity Scarf: oval shaped scarf that has an infinite variety of styles to wear it in


Jacob’s ladder: cabling technique made by working chains over skipped stitches, then pulling one
through the other to make a cable


Linked Stitches: stitches that are linked together with no space between them

Lover’s Knot: single crochet on top of a chain, but the chain is longer than normal


Mile a minute: making strips which will be sewn or crocheted together


Shell Stitch: group of stitches, usually double crochet but it could be another stitch


Third Hand: This clever little device holds your material taut while you work on it


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