Hello, My Name Is:

Samantha Mendoza

Originally from Los Angeles, I grew up in parts of Southern California and recently moved to San Jose to transfer to San Jose State University as a journalism major. As strange as it sounds, I look forward to going to school; especially SJSU. Whether it be friends, colleagues, coworkers or strangers at the market, I enjoy meeting new people and making conversation. When I’m not studying for school or at my part-time job as a server, I’m exercising my stress away. I’m a runner on the SJSU Intramural Track and Field team and I’ve been running since high school.

My ultimate goal is to become the editor-in-chief of a major magazine publication. Writing is what informs and keeps people safe. Without it, society wouldn’t know where to turn for the quality in-depth reporting. Features are my favorites to write about along with healthcare and crime. I’m extremely creative, which brings us to why I chose to blog about crochet. I love finding DIY projects on Pinterest. With crochet, the possibilities seem endless. I’m looking forward to everything I plan on posting to my blog, but I’m also open to suggestions for future post topics.

Welcome to my blog and happy crocheting!


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