Yarn Weight

Size one yarn, "super fine"

Size one yarn, “super fine”

Yarns come in different weights and it’s important to know which yarn to use when.The thinnest yarn is size zero and is also called lace. This size yarn is used for lace knitting. The next size up is size one, otherwise known as “super fine.” This yarn is used for light layettes and socks. Size two yarn is also known as fine or sport-weight yarn. It is primarily used for light sweaters, baby items and accessories.

Size three is known as light-worsted or double-knitting. This can be used to make creations such as sweaters, other garmentsĀ and light-weight sweaters. The next size up is medium, size four. Sweaters, blankets, outdoor hats, scarves and mittens can be made from this size. This is a good-sized yarn to use if you don’t want to use yarn that’s too thin.

The second to last thicket yarn is size five. This is known as bulky yarn and can be used to make rugs, jackets and blankets. The most weighted yarn in the bunch is size six. This yarn, known as super bulky yarn, is the thicket of them all and is recommended to use in making heavy blankets, rugs and sweaters. Super bulky yarn is my favorite size to use when making warm double-crochet infinity scarves.


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