A crocheted scarf

A crocheted scarf

Before you can begin creating a new project, you will most likely need a pattern to follow.Patterns are what guide the crocheter through their current project. They act as a more creative owner’s manual as they show step-by-step how to complete a project. Some patterns are more advanced than others so it’s important to find a pattern at your level of expertise. While many patterns have pictures to go along with the steps, some patterns don’t have visual aids to accompany the diagrams. I recommend reading through a pattern before you start so you make sure you’re comfortable with the pattern and can understand.

There are many different places patterns can be found. Magazines are a great way to find patterns as they dedicate a lot of pages to describing them. They offer detailed pages about how to create scarves, hats, blankets and much more. They are usually at least twenty pages long, so the chances of finding a pattern you might like are likely. Another place to find patterns is the inside of yarn labels.

Brands like Super Soft and Lion Brand often will have patterns to make using the yarn you’ve purchased. By buying yarn that already has a pattern printed on the label, you’re getting a two for one deal. They also might recommend you visit their website for more patterns. Online pattern libraries are also a good place to get ideasĀ on things to crochet. You can find a pattern for pretty much any creation you’re trying to crochet, on the web. Some sites might try to charge you for patterns while others are free.


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