Crochet Cruises

Crocheting can be a tropical getaway

Crocheting can be a tropical getaway

While crochet can be a fun way to pass time at home, it can also spark a cruiseship getaway, who knew?

Craft Cruises is a cruiseline company that plans vacation getaways focused on crocheting and knitting. They’ve been so successful with their knitting cruises that they’re trying out some crochet cruises. These international cruises have also centered around beading, knitting, needlepoint, hand-spinning, beading, mixed media and even kid’s crafts cruises. These vacation trips teach attendees about history, art, flora, fauna, food and nature. There are much more than just a cocktail-drinking cruise, it opens doors for crocheters to explore different cultures.

The next upcoming crochet cruise is in March and will be traveling to China, Korea and Japan. It’s a 14-day cruise with many events to keep vacationers relaxed and at ease. On the cruise will be different classes featuring crochet skills. Guests are provided with rooms with everything they need to enjoy their trip. Prices aren’t posted to the website, but can be found by calling the cruiseline.

A cruise in May 2012 traveled to Bermuda. They spent six days exploring the culture while improving their crocheting skills. The Crochet Dude and Drew Emborsky were just some of the famous crocheters who were aboard the ship. Emborsky led a series of classes known as the “Boot Camp.” While it sounds intimidating, he taught guests all the basics about crocheting.


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  1. afamiliarillusion

    Oh My Gosh!!!! That sounds like the most amazing thing EVER!!! That is now on my top top top wish list of ever. Something I definitely have to do before I die.

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