Crochet Classes

Discover Crochet offers course to teach the basics

Discover Crochet at Michael’s offers course to teach the basics

Looking for somewhere to learn to crochet? Then crochet classes offered at Michael’s could be just the place.While a lot of people learn to crochet from family or friends, many others have nowhere to turn to when they want to learn how to crochet. For those people, Michael’s is a great place to learned how to crochet or even knit. Classes are often several times a month at different times to accommodate busy schedules. Each class only costs $25 plus the cost of supplies. When you sign up for a class, supplies at Michael’s are 10% off.

Classes are typically two and a half hours long and are held throughout the day in-store. The earliest classes start around noon, while the latest classes end at 8:30. Most of the classes are held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday. All classes are taught by a Craft Council Yarn certified knit or crochet instructor. Many of the classes teach the basics like single-crochet.

Joann Fabrics also offers crochet classes at many of their locations. They have three classes based on skill level: crochet 101, crochet 102 and crochet 201. The classes focus on the basics, vintage cloche hats and the stitch of the month. Class prices range from $35-$40 and supplies are complimentary. Lion Brand supplies a lot of the materials used during the classes as supplies last.


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