Crochet Apps in the Apple Store

Lion Brand app homescreen

Lion Brand app homescreen

Can’t seem to stop thinking about crochet when you’re on the go? I recommend downloading some free apps for your iPhone from the Apple Store.Looking through the app store, the highest ranked crochet app was the Lion Brand app. The app is very organized and easy to navigate and the gold and green colors highlight the brand’s logo. At the home screen, the app finds out what kind of pattern you want to crochet based on a criteria you select. For me, I selected “crochet” as my craft, selected intermediate as my skills level, selected leg warmers as the product and selected women as who I am making it for. After selecting the search button, the app found four items that matched my criteria. Skimming through the pattern, the directions were very clear and easy to understand. Can’t wait to make these legwarmers!

The next app I checked out was Stitch Minder. Once I opened up the app, there was just one screen for the whole application. Since the app is dedicated to counting stitches, the layout was very basic and easy to manage. While I thought it would just be counting the stitches I did as I documented them, it actually did much more. This app is able to track your rows completed, pattern row, pattern repeats and increase row. I was very impressed with the capabilites of the app, given that it only has one screen to view. I’m very pleased with the app and it will come in great handy when I’m working on my legwarmers pattern learned from the previous app.

Another app I thought would be useful was called Kids Crochet Patterns. Even though I myself don’t have kids and my sisters are both teens, I thought it would be great to see how kids are being taught to crochet. Also, to keep in mind what I might do when I want to teach my future children how to crochet. The homescreen of this app is very kid-friendly. The lacey background and pink scrolls make it very fun and lively. After I tapped the kids crochet patterns scroll, I was taken to a page with five different crochet patterns for kids. Some of the examples were retro sweater, little blue hat and scarf and superkid cape. The app also included video tutorials and ways to share your creations as well as stitches quiz to test your knowledge.


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