Crazy for Crochet

Some infinity scarves I've made

Some infinity scarves I’ve made

As you all know, I’ve only been crocheting since August of this year. But since then, I’ve come a long way!What I thought we be just another come-and-go hobby, actually turned out to be something I enjoy. At first, it was frustrating trying to mimic┬áthe way my mom would hold her crochet hook and how she positioned the yarn in her other hand. I remember becoming easily frustrated when the yarn kept slipping from my fingers or when my stitches were inconsistent. I also recall trying to single-crochet a square and ended up with a jagged triangle. But it was through these challenging moments when I learned to discipline myself as a crocheter and know things won’t always come out perfect the first time.

Flash-forwarding just a semester later, I’ve been able to crochet an infinity scarf in just two hours. I’ve also been able to find other people who have a similar interest in crocheting. I’ve been able to make friends through crocheting and host knitting/crochet parties on the weekends. It also has come in handy as I’m doing Christmas shopping and trying to cross everyone off my list. Even though I still have to stay focused when counting my first row, I’m able to crochet almost anywhere anytime. I actually do my homework quicker just so I can crochet.

I’m very thankful my mom taught me how to crochet because I’ve realized I really like doing it and it relieves my stress while at the same time being productive. I’d like to learn to knit soon enough, but right now my next step is making beanies and possibly leg warmers. While I thought crocheting was only for more seasoned women, I’ve found that women from all different age groups love to crochet. I find myself amongst them during my frequent trips to Michael’s in the yarn aisle. I know I’ve learned a lot already about the craft, but I still feel like there’s much more to learn. Till then, I’ll follow where the yarn leads.


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