Alpaca Yarn

Yarn made from Alpaca fibers

Yarn made from Alpaca fibers

One of the most soft, luxurious and durable yarns to crochet with is Alpaca yarn.As read in the name of the yarn, this material is harvested from Alpacas, making it a natural fiber. Depending on how it is spun, this yarn can be light or heavy in weight. Sheep’s wool is similar to Alpaca yarn, except for Alpaca fibers are warmer, not prickly and is hypoallergenic. It is also great at repelling water and isn’t very flammable. A lot of the Alpaca yarn is from Peru, primarily from Inca.

There are two types of Alpaca used to make the Alpaca yarn. The first kind is Huacaya, which produces a dense, soft, crimpy sheep-like fiber. Another type of Alpaca used to produce yarn is the Suri Alpaca, with more silky pencil-like locks. The Suri Alpacas are prized for their long and silky fibers and are seen as rare because they used to be reserved for royalty.

Alpaca yarn comes in more than 22 natural colors and can cost as little as $2. They are primarily used to make hats, mitts, scarves, gloves and jumpers. Sometimes they are even used to make rugs and toys. This hollow core fiber is light yet retains the ability to warm
its wearer against winter chills.


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