Setting the Scene

A rocking chair is the stereotypical place to sit when crocheting, but that’s not always true

When you’re getting ready to crochet, one of the most important factors that can influence your crochet time is the environment around you.Once you’ve gathered your supplies and you’re ready to start crocheting, you should think about where and when you are crocheting. This is important to your crocheting because a bad environment can show in your product. Everyone is different when it comes to deciding on a relaxing, calm place. Some might consider the front porch of their house at 9 p.m. a relaxing scene, while others could prefer sitting underneath a tree at the park just before sunrise. Either way, setting the scene around you will affect the outcome of your product and affect how you feel when you’re crocheting. Here are some ideas and how to make your environment the best possible.

The first thing you want to think about when considering your environment is the time of day you choose to crochet. When you’re busy during the day at school, work or running errands it might stress you and others out to start crocheting when you’re serving a plate of hot soup to a customer at work. I recommend waiting till the end of the day when you’re done with your to-do list to start crocheting. I like to crochet about an hour before I go to sleep.

Another important aspect to consider is where you crochet. One of my favorite places to crochet is at home. Whether it’s on the livingroom couch or laying in bed, home is relaxing for me and I feel comfortable. Some other good places to crochet might be a library, coffee shop or at a book store like Barnes and Noble. Avoid crocheting at a chaotic and noisy environment. This could cause your stitches to be uneven because you’re distracted by the loud sounds around you. Listening to music could also help enhance your crochet environment. The type of music you want to listen to is up to you, anything that motivates you.

When you crochet, always make sure you’re in an environment where and when you feel comfortable and can focus. Crocheting with friends is also a great environment because it makes crocheting a fun and social activity. Maybe even attending a crochet club meeting where you’re surrounded with other crocheters who are looking for the same environment as you. Whether you like crocheting at midnight, or prefer to be on a street corner; creating the environment is essential.


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