Half-Double Stitch

Anatomy of a Half-double Stitch

Here’s the easy and simple way on how to make a half-double crochet stitch.

First, I know the name “half-double” sounds pointless, why wouldn’t you just call it a single crochet? Well a half-double stitch is more creative and detailed than single-stitch. Not to say that half-double is complicated but it is used for different times of a project you’re creating. For example, I’m currently working on an infinity scarf where I made the first row using single crochet, but now every row after is made up of only half-double stitches. This stitch is another basic stitch and is used in a lot of projects. It has a very full and neat look and looks like you put more work into it than you actually did, which is always a plus.

The first step to making a half-double stitch is to chain about 15 single-stitches for start just for training purposes. On your last chain, put the yarn in front of your crochet hook like you’re going to make a second row of single-chain stitches. Stick your hook and yarn on top into the next link on the chain stitch. Make sure you insert the hook so that there are two of the loops on top of your hook and one underneath. Pull the yarn back through the loop you pushed your hook through initially. You should now have three loops on your yarn. The next step is to pull the yarn on your hook through the three loops on your hook.

Once you practice more, the half-double stitch is really easy to do. You’ll find that you cover a lot more ground when you do a more elaborate stitch compared to just a regular chain stitch. A single-stitch is one of the most important things to know but if this is all you know, it limits your ability as a crocheter. When you master the half-double stitch, you’ll want to keep practicing till you make it perfect. Just like always, if you find a spot in your creation that seems flawed it’s very important to restart and figure out what why you messed up in the first place. It’s like making a batch of cookie and giving them to your neighbor. If you like your neighbor, you’ll want to make sure you give them your best batch and not one that has too much salt or not enough chocolate chips.


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