Half-Double Crochet Infinity Scarf

My Progress so Far on the Half-Double Infinity Scarf, One Day Down Two to go

Need something a little warmer and less chunky? Try this infinity scarf based on the half-double stitch.

The difference between this scarf and the one before in the previous post is the tightness and fullness of the stitches. The chunky infinity scarf is a lot more for looks and style and is a good beginner infinity pattern. In this pattern, there are plenty less intentional gaps and holes. The chunky infinity takes less time and can be done quickly because the stitches are looser and more forgiving if you make a mistake. On the other hand, this half-double based infinity scarf takes a lot more concentration because there is much more room to mess up and your mistakes are more likely to show in the product.

For this project, I chose to go with a different color than my first scarf just so I have some options when arranging my outfit for the day. I chose a pretty burgundy color that would look nice during the winter. Another thing, girls love to receive cute scarves or hats as random gifts, especially when they’re handmade from someone they know. So for this time, I decided to make this scarf for my boyfriend’s sister. I figured it would be a nice little surprise and she’s been supportive of my crocheting so I thought I’d make her a little something she can use.

Rather than make the scarf from one tail end to the other like in the previous scarf, we’re going to make the full oval first and then add layer after layer till we get the width and thickness we desire. I chained 154 chain stitches, this is a good length for an infinity scarf on a short woman or girl. Next, link the chain together at the end with a single chain stich. After this, you’ll want to make half-double stitches across the entire oval till you reach the point where you linked the initial chain stitch together. Once you’ve seen you can be consistent with your stitches, keep making rows of the half-double stitches till you reach your desired scarf width.


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