Chunky Infinity Scarf

Need something warm for winter? I’ve got just the scarf for you!

Those winter months get cold and there’s no better time to prepare than right before winter is about to begin. When you start planning early, you have time to learn the crochet pattern as well as save yourself from worrying about postponing your winter needs till the last minute when the store has run out of scarves or they’re massively overpriced. Let’s learn a simple and inexpensive way on how to make our very own chunky infinity scarf. The only price you’ll have to pay is some of your time and a few bucks spent on your favorite color of yarn.

For my chunky infinity scarf, I chose to use a cute orange color yarn I found at Walmart. I chose this color because it compliments my skin color nicely and it’s different from your ordinary dark colored winter scarf. I felt like I would stand out while at the same time it would match my complexion. Feel free to choose any color of your liking. I bought a 330-meter yarn and used about three-fourths of my skein. Rather have extra than not enough. For this project I used a size “J” hook to create my scarf. Since I didn’t want my scarf to be too wide, I chain stitched 31 stitches.

After this, count six stitches from the end of your chain stitch and make one double crochet. Then chain two stitches and make another double crochet in the same spot as your last double crochet. This makes what is called the v-stitch. You will see several of these v-stitches throughout your yarn. Do this all the way across the chain, making two chains stitches after every v-stitch. At the end of the row, chain three and then flip your project over so that the hook is now on the right side. Now make that same v-stitch but make sure you put the base in open end of the v-stitch below it. Make these v-stitches all the way across your row. Keep making these rows till you reach about 60”, which I found is a good length since you’ll be making an oval. Connect the two ends of your scarf with a single crochet stitch along the seams. There you have your very own chunky infinity scarf for those chilly winter days.


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