Butterfly Stitch

A Butterfly Stitch makes a nice decoration and design

Time to break out of your caterpillar cacoon and transfrom into beautiful butterflies!A lot of crochet projects take a lot of time and effort. I’ve been there, the addiction to getting a scarf completed, choosing to stay home and finish a project you’ve been working on instead of going out on a Saturday night. It sounds silly, but you get addicted to crocheting and you want to keep working on your current project. Sometimes I get so completely wrapped up in crochet that I realize it’s been hours since I’ve started working on my project and the sun has gone down. It takes a lot for me to finally say, ok, I need to take a break. This break is usually involuntary and caused by work, school, or a show comes on T.V. on the channel I’m watching and I realize that I have to put my yarn and hook down in order to change the channel.Nonetheless, the butterfly stitch is a quick and easy stitch that will not take up hours of your day when we all know we have tons of things on our to-do list other than crochet. But if it were up to me, I would stay home from school and work and just crochet all day long, clothing foster children and sending my creations to third world countries. Which I one day hope to do. But until then, quick projects are easy to do and don’t take very long. The butterfly stitch is made up just one basic stitch, the single stitch. This is the most basic stitch of them all but it makes such a beautiful design in the butterfly stitch.First, chain a row of 10 chain stitches. Next, chain another row of 10 chain stitches. Link these two rows together as creatively or original as you wish. Butterfly stitch is just the middle of the project, but the outide allows you to experiment and design it in your own unique way. Next, chain a third row of 10 chain stitches. After this last row, make a loop around the three chains you just made. You can make the loop long. Then you’ll want to close the loop with a single-chain stitch. Chain five stitches and your butterfly stitch is complete!


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