Basic Afghan Stitch

Afghan Stitches have a lot of Sections, Columns and Rows

If you want a stitch that has a lot of detail and doesn’t take that much time to make, then the Afghan stitch is just for you.To make a basic afghan stitch, you’ll need a different hook than the one you’ve been using for crochet. For this project, you’re going to need a long hook. You can find these Afghan hooks in the crochet section of your favorite crochet supply store.¬†You’ll need a longer hook because with this stitch you pick up a complete row of stitches on the hook before you pull through and finish a loop. It’ll measure at least ten inches or longer and should have a cap at the end to stop the yarn from falling off the hook. The Afghan hook is also sometimes referred to as the “Tunisian crochet hook.”The first step to making this project is to chain 16 stitches for your foundation chain. Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook. Make sure you place it so that there are two loops above the hook and one loop below the hook. Put the yarn over the hook and pull it through the chain stitch. Repeat this previous step throughout the rest of the foundation chain. Yarn over the hook and pull it through the first loop. Now yarn over and pull it through two more loops on the foundation chain. Put your hook behind the next vertical row below. Yarn over and pull it through the stitch. Put your hook in the last two vertical bars at the end of the row.Then you’ll want to yarn over and pull the yarn through both vertical bars. Yarn over and draw the hook through one loop on the hook. Yarn over the hook and draw yarn through the next two loops on the hook. Make as many rows as you want till it meets the length you want. Remember, if you see something doesn’t look right or looks different from the rest of your project, go back to that point and redo it. Sometimes you might have to start over to fix your mistakes but this is important to creating a quality project. At the end, make a slip stitch under each vertical bar across the last row to finish the Afghan stitch.


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