Making Granny Squares

Here are some simple steps on how to make a granny square.

6 steps to making a granny square

Granny squares is fun way to ease into making things you can actually use; rather than thinking ‘hmm when will I ever wear a chain stitch as an earring?’ Instead, granny squres are easy to make and can be combined to make anything from a pot holder in the kitchen to a throw blanket to use on the couch. The other nice thing about granny squares is you can take breaks. One single granny square can be made in less than ten minutes and it’s complete. If you wanted to, you could continue to make more squares or choose to have some dinner and watch a movie and then come back hours later and start a new granny square. They’re very convenient and don’t require you to spend hours on end on one product.

My favorite time to make granny squares is at the end of my day right before bed. This way I’m relaxed and my stitches will come out consistent because I’m not being rushed or worried about getting to class or work on time. Granny squares do not require a full ball of yarn, most people use multiple colors but for this project I chose to use my good old red yarn that I just can’t seem to part with. But I do plan on using some orange yarn later on to make a fall-themed quilt with red and orange granny squares.

Our first step in making a granny square is to make a slip loop, just like any other project. After this, chain six stitches (1). If while looking at your chain the links look inconsistent, start over and redo them until each chain is fairly equal. No need to measure but just so long as they look about the same size. You’ll want all your stitches in any product you’re making to be fairly similar in size throughout the process. Crochet is about perfection, if you see something looks inconsistent or flawed, go back and fix it from the point where you messed up.

Next, you’ll join the chain into a circle by making a single stitch linking the beginning of the chain to the end. Chain three stitches for a chain link (2) and then make a double-crochet using the chain link into the middle of the circle. Make two more double stitches into the center of the circle and then chain two links (3). Continue this process three more times, after this you should have four sets of three double stitches (4).Next, chain three stitches to form a chain and make three double stitches into the first of your four new corners (5). Chain two stitches to form a chain and then chain three double stitches into that same first corner (6). Continue this process with the three remaining corners (7). Tie off your last chain and your granny square is complete! I recommend poking your finger through each of the 13 hollow spaces for presentation purposes (8).


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