Yearning for Yarn

Choosing the right yarn is just as important as selecting the right hook to use. What y0u should know about choosing the yarn that’s right for you and where you can find it.

The yarn makes up 100% of what will become your finished product. So while it is good to choose a yarn you like, it is also important to choose a yarn that is right for you. For beginners, it’s recommended that you use a light-colored yarn like yellow, white or cream because some crocheters say it can be more challenging to see your stitches when you work with yarns in dark colors. As for me, my first yarn was dark red and it’s been easy for me to see my stitches. Although, I would recommend postponing the use of black yarn.

I recommend using yarn instead of crochet thread because it is easier to work with. Crochet thread should be used for projects like doilies and lace tablecloths, projects that require thin and fine thread. Yarn is much easier to learn how to crochet, but crochet thread can be learned first depending on someone’s comfortably. Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the yarn. For your first practice rounds, I suggest using a worsted weight. This doesn’t mean low quality yarn because it’s labeled ‘worsted’, it just means medium-weight yarn. If you prefer a heavier yarn, try using bulky weight yarn. To check the weight of a yarn, read the label that comes wrapped around the yarn. Choose the yarn that’s labeled “4” or higher by the Craft Yarn Council’s weight standards.

Besides weight and color, there are three basic different types of yarn. To practice crochet stitches, a wool yarn should be your first choice. What’s great about this yarn is it’s a resilient fiber and very forgiving when you make mistakes. Wool yarn is especially easy to unravel and reuse. Cotton yarn is an elastic fiber, making it a little tougher to work with than wool but isn’t too much challenging. This type of yarn is also recommended if learning to crochet during the summer because the heat makes wool very unpleasant to work with. Acrylic yarn is widely popular, comes in a variety of colors and is least expensive of the three basic yarn types. But because of the low price, some of the cheaper acrylics are harder to work with since the quality is so low. Although acrylic yarn is cheap and easy to get, the natural fiber yarns are much more highly recommended. My first and current yarn I am using is Caron Simply Soft Autumn Red, an acrylic yarn. It’s easy to work with and the quality of the yarn does not feel cheap at all! Good starter yarn!

A good brand for acrylic yarn is Caron. Michael’s has three kinds: Simply Soft, One Pound and Simply Soft Paints. Lion Brand has cotton, acrylic and wool as well as a polyester yarn referred to as ‘eyelash yarn.’ This brand also has a lot of multi-colored yarn, which can be difficult for beginners to work with since it’s hard to distinguish the piece of yarn from another. Walmart has the same brands as Michael’s with a few exceptions. Although, Walmart sells yarn for about $2.50 each and Michael’s sells them for almost $5 each. I recommend going to Walmart, you can get two balls of yarn for the price of one at Michael’s. I’d never shopped at Walmart before but when I found out about their low prices on yarn, they became my one stop shop for all my crocheting needs and wants! Plus, the Walmart I went to was open 24 hours, which was perfect for those nights at 3 a.m. when I couldn’t sleep but felt like crocheting!


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