Where the Yarn Leads

My first ball of yarn, Autumn Red 9730 By Caron Simply Soft

Welcome to the place where learning to crochet is made easy. From chain stitch to crochet blanket, this blog will explain every stitch of the way.

For me, I though it would be gratifying and a sense of self-fulfillment if I could make a beanie with my own two hands with the hopes one day my practice would lead me to crocheting my own sweater. Between now and then, I knew I would have to dedicate myself to developing my crocheting skills. With this in mind, I will utilize this blog to track my progress and show other crochet rookies how to get their needles going.

Through text, video and photos, Crochet Diaries will be a virtual scrapbook of my journey mastering crochet. Rather than navigating through endless videos, I first learned to crochet from my mom. She’s been crocheting since she was twelve and her speed is probably ten times faster than mine, making it difficult for her to slow down her pace while teaching me. She said the most important thing to remember in crochet it that it is supposed to be relaxing. In the beginning stages, it is important to be patient with yourself while learning this new skill and not to become frustrated; it’ll show in your work.

So take a deep breath, find a relaxing spot in the grass at the park or pull out your beach chair on the patio and let’s get crocheting!


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